Antonio la Penna is a sole practitioner handles both civil and criminal matters.


In the civil law field he’s specialised in breach of contract, leases, property rights, condominium ownership, family law, claims for compensation for damages.


In the criminal law field he work both as a Court appointed attorney and as a private counsel.


He has a law firm located in San Severo (FG), Italy, Via Nettuno, n. 5.


In his work he use modern information technology both for his legal researches and for lawyer-client relationship (e.g. video conferences with Skype or google hangouts, e-mail, certified e-mail, etc.).


He has an in depth legal education in both civil and criminal matters and this is the result of years of legal studies, legal training courses, legal practice, and work experience in the legal field.


He's also author of variuos legal articles published on the online legal journal Studio Cataldi: